Thursday, November 10, 2016

Making America Great Again: Immigration Reform

    Well the votes are final and our president elect is now Donald Trump. The world right now is looking at America with confusion, surprise, or just shock. Regardless of your political ideology the electoral college made their decision. On his campaign trail, Trump made promises, scary promises. He promised to create a team for mass deportations. He promised to cut off trade deals like NAFTA. He even promised he would build a wall. Now that the campaign is over and Trump has given his speech displaying a sense of commitment to uniting the country, people all over the world are wondering will he also commit to his promises.
   The reason people took the streets in protest, despite our political process being "fair," is because there have been great strides made with regards to social justice. Despite how you feel about our current president, there is no doubt that he has made progress with regards to making America a little more accepting of minorities. In his time as president we have seen the passing of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and the State Marriage Defense Act. People have a real fear that our future president will do away with such progress.
  Immigrants and minorities in general play a crucial role in this society and country as a whole. This election should not be taken as a sign of being underappreciated but as a call to action and a challenge. It is now the time more than ever to stand up for your rights. If you are facing injustice because of your status do not be fooled, you have rights. If you are hurt at your job, if you are in an accident, if you feel that you have been discriminated against, you still have rights. 
   Obama in his time as president has also made it possible for undocumented persons to receive Temporary Visitors Driver's licenses. This makes it possible for them to insure the vehicles they drive and avoid more serious infractions with law enforcement. If these rights are at risk in anyway the consequences could be catastrophic. I'm not surprised at all that people are taking to the streets in fear because the campaign used fear as a tactic.
  As many news pundits pointed out the sky has not fallen, and the oxygen in our lungs have not yet bursted into flames. Only time will tell what promises Trump will attempt to make reality. Fear is not something that should affect the decisions we make especially not with our families futures. Stay confident in that we live in a Country that still represents freedom and equality for all. 

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